Other Products
Nylo Gear Coupling

Nylo Gear Coupling has two steel gears which engage in a sleeve of high grade polyamide material which has very good strength over a wide range of temperature. The steel gears have curved top surface to allow axial and angular misalignment . No lubrication or any other maintenance is required. This coupling operates silently and can be installed easily.
Coupling for Air Compressors
We are one of the leadng manufacturer of rubber Compreessor coupling of all size and we manufacture and supply Rubber compressor coupling as per the customer requirement.These compressor spare parts pass through stringent quality checks to compete with international standards.
Metaflex Disc-o-Flex
The multiple-disc connection is a flexible low stiffness link coupling which transmits the nominal torques and at the same time compensates the displacements arising from the motion of the driving motor relative to the gearbox in the bogie that is supported on the axle. All coupling elements within the Unique Plus Metaflex coupling are coordinated through the accuracy at the shape in such a mariner that high running/operational concentricity is achieved.
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