Universal Joints

Hardy Transmission (P) Ltd offer an impeccable range of TRANSCO Universal Joint Couplings, with the aid of our cutting edge technology. our range of universal joint couplings is available with or without finish bore as per customer requirement. TRANSCO universal joints have been fostered from the accumulated technology developed in fully equipped research facilities together with vast experience and actual results. They possess high strength and precision, and have characteristics of high functionality and reliability. These products support all types of applications including steel mills, diesel rolling stock, paper machines and marine vessels.

At Hardy Transmission (P) Ltd We can provide universal joints from 1 inch to upwards of 8 inches. We have the capability to custom design and manufacture specialized universal joints and driveshafts, and their connections to your requirements.

Universal joints are used to connect shafts together to transmit power from an end to the other. In particular, universal joints enable the transmission of motive power when two rotating shafts are separately located or angled. Universal Joints are joints/couplings in a rigid rod that allows the rod to bend in any direction; these are commonly used in shafts that transmit rotary motion, most commonly automotive drive shafts. Universal joint are used to transmit torque from one shaft to another which are offset to each other. It is an ideal form of coupling two shafts when offset is unavoidable.Universal joint are made from heat treated alloy steels for increased over load and reliability. Precision machining ensures optimum performance under severe load conditions.
The manufacturing raw material of this product is highly being extracted from the pure natural vendors. The use of sophisticated technology is the most prominent factor for the fabrication of this product. These are available in 8 inch od up to 4 inch shaft size and can be availed in finished or without finished look with in best valuable market prices.
A flawlessly designed range of Universal Joints can be obtained from us at economical prices. These are specially created from alloy steel with heat treated working parts. Moreover, these can be availed with or without finish bore, as per the desire of the customers. Apart from this, these couplings are highly favored for their high tolerance, durability and corrosion resistance.
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